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A completely new experience

Customers can order and pay on their phone, but thats just the beginning

Taplicious makes the restaurant experience even more pleasant for everyone involved. The fact that customers can pay and order on their phone is just the beginning.

It's Amazingly Easy

Starting to use Taplicious is easy. You put our stickers on every one of your tables and if your customers wish to use it they download the app, thats it.

Order and discover

Customers have the option to order on their phone, which means no more waiting for waiters. For you it opens up a whole new world of data collection possibilities, you'll get amazing insights in who your customers are. Which means you'll know exactly how to give them an optimal experience.

Easier and more secure payment

Customers pay through the app when they want to leave or even after! But no worries, we make sure all customers actually pay. Walking away without paying isn't an option anymore.

Taplicious App Check-in

A menu that thinks for itself

Our intelligent menu knows what your customers like

Every time a user goes out to a restaurant Taplicious is right there with them. We know exactly what they like, and all this knowledge is put into our intelligent menu.

Accurate recommendations

We go way beyond recommending the soup of the day. We recommend food and drinks to a customer based on a large range of factors. Taplicious is that friend that knows exactly what you like.


Ever been in a country where you couldn't read the menu? With Taplicious thats history. If available Taplicious always presents your customers with a menu in their preferred language.

Taplicious Restaurants Panel Menu Editor

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Get amazing insights

in your customers and their preferences

We gather a lot of anonymous data about your customers, nothing that violates their privacy but enough for you to be able to get to know who your customers are and how they experienced their stay. That way you'll know exactly how to give your customers an optimal experience and how to improve in the future.

Become familiar

With all the data we anonymously gather about your customers you have an endless range of possibilities. Find out when certain target groups visit, what they like, how much time they spend at your restaurant, how much they order and so much more.

Honest feedback

When your customers have checked out we ask them for some honest feedback. It is saved anonymously which means they have nothing to be nervous about when rating their experience. Find out how your customers really think about their stay.

Taplicious Restaurants Panel Payments Table

No Cure, No Pay

It will only cost you if it earns you

No you're not dreaming, our pricing policy is almost too good to be true. We only make money if you do, that way we are even more dedicated to your success.

Don't worry about logistics

We make sure your customers pay secure and with a breeze through one of our payment methods.

Dedicated to your success

We charge a very small percentage of every transaction made through our app which means we only make profit if you do.

Taplicious Restaurants Panel Payments

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